Welcome to Yoga Dog.

Our mission is simple — to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for health and wellness through yoga and related physical exercise. All of the Yoga Dog instructors are constantly researching new techniques and programs to offer fresh, challenging and safe ways for you to increase your strength, flexibility and overall physical and mental health.

We're into the new year. Now's the time for you to actually make those changes toward health and happiness that you may have been thinking about for a long time. There are three opportunities each week for the six-week series of Yoga Basics. Mondays at 6PM starting 4/27, Thursdays at 7PM starting 4/23, and Saturdays at 10:30am starting 4/25. All six classes for only $50.

Another great way to make progress toward a healthier and happier you is through personal training sessions. My approach incorporates educating you and putting you in touch with your body, allowing you to apply what you've learned to your own personal workout whether it's at home or in a gym.

No matter what your fitness level, we offer a class well suited for you. Check the Classes page for the class schedule and class descriptions to find one that fits into your busy life. If you have any questions, please send me an email or call me at 609-517-5425.

Health and Happiness,